Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

If you have already signed up with Barclay Stone, you should have received an automated email with your trading account details including login and password. There’s a ‘LOGIN’ button on our homepage at the right top corner. Once you click it, you will see a pop-up window – a login form. Enter your email and password, and click the ‘LOGIN’ button.

Most of you already know that trading Forex involves risks of losing your funds. But how can a beginner trader get familiar with the FX market if he/she is not ready to invest yet? How can one check out his/her trading approach? What if you want to see how the brokerage company operates in terms of commissions, spreads, real-time quotes, order execution speed?

Especially for such cases, Barclay Stone has designed a special type of trading accounts – Demo or Virtual accounts.

The basic idea here is to give a chance for newbies to understand how the Forex market operates, what are Barclay Stone’s advantages (i.e. low spreads and commissions, rapid orders execution). Beginner traders can also test their skills before starting the fascinating journey of investing in the financial markets. Virtual accounts are also suitable for those traders who are willing to check out new trading strategies’ performance.

It’s worth noticing that the trading conditions of a demo account are exactly the same as per a real account. The key difference is that you invest nothing. So you get virtual funds to operate with, you trade and you may see the result. The only concern for newbies is that virtual trading produces virtual profits that can’t be withdrawn.

However, it’s useful to know how market mechanisms operate. For instance, traders should understand how to open and close a deal (order), what’s the sequence of getting quotes, and what happens if they hold positions for a while.’

Below are the main reasons why traders open demo accounts:

  1. Learn the basics of Forex trading, avoid possible losses related to little or no experience in the market.
  2. Check out Barclay Stone’s trading conditions (spreads, commissions) before investing in a real trading account.
  3. Test a new trading strategy or expert advisor with virtual money before implementing them in real-time trading.

With what account balance do I start trading on Demo?

An automatic email with your account details appears in your inbox right after you sign up with our platform. If you can’t find it, you can always restore the password. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact the MarketSXP support team via email at [email protected].

No worries, you can do that any time you want. If you forgot it or simply want to change the password, you may use the option of restoring it. You need to click ‘Forgot password?’ at the login page on our website. After that, you will get an automatic email with a link to restore your password. Just follow the instructions in the email, and you will get it done in seconds.

Also, you can contact the MarketSXP support team. You will be required to provide personal identification data for security purposes. We highly recommend setting complicated passwords using numerical, literal, and special symbols, as well as store them thoroughly.

Log in to MarketSXP online trading platform and click the button Deposit. Choose any of the available deposit methods, fill out the form, and follow the instructions. After the transaction is done, you will get your funds in the trading account automatically.

The trading account balance belongs to you in any case. Whether you made a profit or simply want to get your funds back, you may apply for the withdrawal at any time. Here at MarketSXP, we have made the withdrawal process extremely easy for our clients. Make sure that you are logged in the trading room, click the tab ‘Banking Services’, and then click ‘Withdraw’. Follow the instructions to fill out the withdrawal form, and don’t forget to mention the amount. Click Send.

The Banking Services chapter contains all of the details of your current/past transactions including deposits and withdrawals.

Our clients can enjoy our services around the globe. However, the legal authorities and jurisdictions might differ from one country of residence to another. Please check our website or contact the MarketSXP support team to know more about the exact list of legal authorities and jurisdictions available in your country.

All of the banking transactions are transparent here at MarketSXP. Our clients are able to track the history of transactions in the chapter ‘Banking Services – History’. Our operations team works 24/5 to support you in case you have any questions regarding banking transactions.

We care about the privacy of our clients’ data, as well as the safety of their funds. MarketSXP’s security department implements all of the latest cybersecurity technologies available. We guarantee a safe and secure trading environment for our clients. Data transmission is protected thanks to the 128-bit SSL encryption certificate provided by Thawte.

According to strict regulations requirements, MarketSXP provides segregated accounts for its clients, while the operational funds of the company are held separately. On top of that, the risk management rules require the client’s funds to be held in several banks. The segregation approach guarantees the safety of investors’ assets even if the company becomes insolvent.

The MarketSXP company does not act as the tax agent for its clients and does not withhold taxes. The entire amount of the account balance is available at your disposal.

The Client Cabinet does not have such an option as deleting the trading account. Please contact our support team via LIVE CHAT or any other contact method.

MarketSXP provides an exceptional support service to its clients. You can reach the support team via phone, website chat, and email [email protected].

The Contacts page of the MarketSXP website contains all of the contact methods you can use to reach us.

We at MarketSXP are interested to deliver our clients as much knowledge about trading as possible. We constantly update our educational chapter on the website. Please feel free to get the most benefit of reading and learning using all of the materials we provide.

Besides, you always can contact our support team.


Since MarketSXP is a highly regulated brokerage company, we require all of our clients to use real names during the registration. The first and second names that you indicate in the registration form must match with the documents you provide to check your identity. This requirement has two purposes. First, security. Second, Anti-Money Laundering Policy.

Unfortunately, changing the username is prohibited.

Yes. There’s no need to deposit when registering with MarketSXP. You will need to deposit only when you decide to start trading in real-time conditions.

According to the security rules, this data can be changed only by MarketSXP’s operations team. Please contact our support team.

Please email us [email protected] to update the credentials. We will require a confirmation of the request via phone. After that, the Support Service Representative will update your details in the system.

If you have changed your address of residence, please email us [email protected], and we will update your account details.

You need to use the option ‘Forgot password’ on the platform to restore it. You may also get additional help by contacting our support team.


Log in to your account and click the ‘Deposit’ button. You may choose one of the deposit methods available:

Credit or debit card

  1. Click «Credit or Debit Card».
  2. Enter the account number, select deposit currency, enter the amount.
  3. Pick the card you are willing to use to deposit. Enter the card number, expiration date, and CVV code. Click «Deposit».
  4. You will see a short summary of the transaction. Click «Confirm the payment».
  5. After that, you will be redirected to the transaction confirmation page.

Bank wire transfer

  1. Choose «Bank wire transfer» in the «Deposit» chapter.
  2. After that, you will see the account details to conduct a wire transfer.
  3. Please email the receipt with the SWIFT code to [email protected] after sending the funds.

First, you need to log in to the platform. Second, after clicking the ‘Deposit’ button, you will be able to check the amount of minimum deposit according to the MarketSXP requirements. The minimum deposit is the first fixed amount that you will see in the list.

You can transfer the funds using your credit/debit card or bank wire transfer.

In case you deposited using your credit/debit card, we will ask you to provide pictures of both sides of your card, indicating the first 12 digits and the CVV code. If you used the bank wire transfer method, then you’ll be required to send us a confirmation (receipt, bill) of the transaction.

Here at MarketSXP, we care about our client’s privacy and the safety of funds. Our cybersecurity department combines software and network data protection systems to secure all of the transactions. That guarantees the safety of your account and banking details. We use the SSL protocol, including ClickSSL and Thawte encryption in our IT infrastructure. This approach allows us to protect your confidential information when conducting transactions at an above-the-average level across the industry standards.

The ‘Banking Services’ chapter of our website contains all of the information about your current and past deposits.

You need to contact our finance department in order to update the information on a lost transfer. Please use any of the contact methods and provide us with the following data:

  • Account number / ID of the payment system used for the transfer;
  • Your trading account number;
  • Transfer amount;
  • Transaction date, exact time indicating the time zone;
  • Transaction number (if any).

MarketSXP offers several deposit methods with different reflection time.

If you use a usual debit/credit card, then the payment will be reflected in your trading account instantly. In case of any delay occurred, please contact our support team at [email protected]

Bank wire transfer deposits might be processed during 10 working days depending on your bank and country of residence (make sure to send us the SWIFT code or receipt to track your transaction).

Account verification

According to our regulatory requirements, our priority is the safety of clients’ personal data. This is why we require our clients to provide documents to prove their identity.

To become a verified client, you need to provide the following types of documents:

  • Actual passport / ID card or driving license – both front and back sides. The document must have an actual expiration date.
  • Utility bill or bank account statement with your name and address. The document must not be older than 6 months.
  • If you deposit using a debit/credit card, then you need to provide pictures of both the front and back sides of it. Please also indicate the first 12 digits of the card number and the 3-digit CVV code on the backside of the card.

Log in to your account and switch to the Banking Services tab. You will see there a tab ‘Upload documents’. Select the document type that you want to upload.

Proof of Identity (POI) is one of the documents needed for account verification. According to the regulatory rules, we can accept a passport, national ID card, or driving license as proof of identity.

Proof of Residence (POR) is one of the documents required for account verification. According to the regulatory rules, we can accept a utility bill or bank account statement with your name and address as proof of residence.

According to our terms and conditions, the process of account verification is obligatory for all MarketSXP clients. These are the must-have requirements for the safety of your personal data. Besides, there is a security purpose as we must be sure that you are a real person, and nobody would have access to your trading account. Here at MarketSXP, we work hard to prevent any case of possible fraud or scam in relation to our client’s accounts and funds.

As far as we are a tightly regulated financial services company, all of the workflow processes perform under strict rules and regulations according to normative standards and procedures. According to those procedures, our clients must provide such documents. Among them, it could be an ID card, passport, utility bill (not older than 6 months), driver’s license, or a bank account statement. The documents must contain your address of residence. In that way, we provide the principle of personal approach to every client, as well as provide the highest level of transparency with our regulations authorities.

No. THe verification process is done once, and you do not need to repeat it for every transaction.

  • Please note that if a trader uses a number of different debit/credit cards to deposit with MarketSXP, the verification of each and every card is required.

Regarding any necessity of additional documents, our clients will be notified via email.


Yes. If your trading account does not have active transactions (deposits, withdrawals or trading operations) for at least one month or longer, the MarketSXP company reserves the right to withhold a monthly inactivity fee with the purpose of providing continuous access to your trading account. Our website’s ‘Agreements’ chapter contains a document ‘Terms and conditions’, where you can get additional information about MarketSXP’s fees and commissions.

No, we do not take deposit commissions.

Problems solving

First of all, you need to make sure that you enter all of the account credentials correctly. Please double check your login and password, pay attention to capital and small letters, as well as special symbols if you use them when setting the password.

  • If you do not remember your password, please use the option “Forgot password”, or read the instructions on how to restore your password.
  • One of the reasons for an account login failure is the old cache history and/or cookie-files. Please clean them in your browser’s settings. Please read the article for your desktop browser and the article for a mobile device to get the instructions for cleaning your cache history and cookies.
  • We recommend using such browsers as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox for the most effective work of the trading platform.

Need help? Please email our support team [email protected] and get any type of assistance you need.

There might be several reasons why you struggle to open a deal:

  • The initial margin requirement for the position you are trying to open is larger than the free margin you currently have. In this case, you can lower the lot size volume for the position you want to open.
  • The asset you want to trade on is out of active trading hours.
  • Your internet connection is unstable or interrupted.

If the points mentioned above are not the reason for your problem of opening or closing a trading position, then do not hesitate to contact our customer support team via email [email protected].

There might be several reasons why the transaction can be canceled. We realize that some of them might appear to be obvious, but 70% of them lead to cancelation of the transaction.

Here is the list of the most common reasons why the transfer is not accepted:

  • Invalid card number / expiration date / billing address
  • Your card has been expired
  • Your card reached the maximum allowed number of transactions in a certain period
  • Your credit card limit has been reached (insufficient funds)
  • The payment exceeded the maximum allowed amount per one transaction
  • Your card is not authorized for online transactions
  • Possibly, the JavaScript option is disabled in your browser’s settings or the ad blocker is turned on

If you have fixed one of the issues described above, you can try one more time to process the transaction using the same card. If that did not help though, you can try to use an alternative card or payment method.

In other cases, we recommend contacting your bank to identify what exactly causes the problem. Your bank’s customer support phone number is usually indicated on the backside of your card.

Please notice. We accept only VISA / MasterCard for deposits. You can also send funds using a bank wire transfer. Please contact your personal account manager to get the payment details.

Sometimes it happens that all of the recommendations described above do not solve the issue. In such a case, please reach us via email at [email protected], Describe the problem in detail. You can also add a screenshot of the failure or record a video to describe the issue. We will do our best to help you find a solution.

Please check your internet connection and try to clean up the cache and cookies in your browser. Also, make sure that you use the latest version of the browser. If that will not resolve the issue, feel free to reach our customer support team via email at [email protected].

Just enter your question in the search field above? and you will get the answer instantly.

Tips: to get more precise answers, enter more than one word, and formulate the question. If you did not find any matches, please try to formulate the question in another way.

Email us [email protected], if you could not find the answer.

Please note that we update the FAQ chapter regularly. Therefore, if you did not find an answer before, try one more time later as it could have been added.

Trading and investments

To start trading in real conditions, you need to fill out the registration form. After that, your personal trading account will be created.

The spread is a type of broker’s commission related to the difference between requests to sell (bid) and buy (ask). Typically, all of the market quotes are represented with two rates, while the difference between them is called a spread.

Let’s try to figure out the details. The best example of how the spread works is a currency exchange. You can always see a difference in currency rates depending on whether you want to buy or sell a currency. This difference is exactly what your bank earns in terms of profit for the service of exchanging currencies. When trading in the Forex market, a brokerage company acts as a bank in the previous example. The broker gives you access to the currency exchange market, and the spread is the main commission for the company to be profitable.

It’s worth noticing that the spread of a brokerage company is usually much lower compared to the currency exchange in your bank. For instance, when you look at quotes of the EUR/USD currency pair, you will see such rates as 1.1800/1.1802. That means that the broker is ready to buy 1 Euro for 1.1800 US dollars and to sell 1 Euro for 1.1802 US dollars. As a result, the difference between the buy and the selling price will be 0.0002 or 2 points. That’s what is called the spread.

A pip means one percentage point of the currency exchange quote. In other words, it is a Price Interest Point or Percentage in Point. Since assets in the FX market are nothing but currency pairs, the cost of one currency is calculated in points compared to another currency. So the pip is used as a measurement to evaluate a currency pair. Besides, the pip is also a minimum value of the change of the currency pair value. In most cases, the pip is the fourth digit after the decimal point in currency pairs quotes. Recently, currency quotes appear to have five digits after the decimal point. That update has been made to meet the needs of retails traders with comparatively small account balances.

The only exception is the Japanese yen and its cross rates. One pip for currency pairs with the Japanese yen is usually considered as the second digit after the decimal point. For instance, the USD/JPY quote is 104.51.

The Leverage gives a trader an opportunity to increase the volume of funds he/she operates in the financial market. The basic idea is that using a small portion of your account balance, you can take advantage of profiting from the smallest change of the currency exchange rate. Contracts for Difference are leveraged products, financial derivatives, meaning that you need a small deposit compared to the overall size of the trading position. As a result, the leverage can increase a potential profit, although it also can enlarge the possible risks involved.

CFD (Contract For Difference) is a financial instrument allowing traders to benefit from price fluctuations of an asset without the physical supply of it. The contract is an agreement between the buyer and the seller of the underlying asset, which settles a certain purchase price. The agreement suggests potential profits or losses depending on the direction of the price change. At the same time, the buyer of the CFD contract is not obligated to get the physical supply of the underlying asset. CFDs are usually used to trade commodities, but there are also other types of assets to trade on CFD contracts. In simple words, imagine that you wanted to profit from the rising price of gold, and you decided to invest in several tons of gold with the purpose of reselling them after the price became more expensive. But you do not need that gold as you don’t even have a place to store it. This is exactly the case when the CFD contract is the best solution for speculators. You buy a contract, wait when the price goes up and sell it with a bargain. Among underlying assets for CFDs, there are currencies, stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

The Stop-loss Order is a preliminary order to close a CFD trading position at a preset price, which is lower than the current price in the case if you buy an asset and higher if you sell it. The stop-loss order is part of the strategy to minimize possible risks involved with trading in the financial market. Limiting possible losses is essential in risk management rules.

In simple words, if you bought gold at a price of 1810.00 per ounce, counting on its growth, but the market goes in the wrong direction, then you would like to limit your potential losses at a price of 1800.00 per ounce. After that level is reached, the trading platform will close the deal automatically. However, in volatile market conditions, the trading platform might execute the stop-loss order at a different price. That happens when asset quotes change rapidly and the software might not be able to find the exact quote to execute the order. Please note that stop-loss orders, as well as limit orders, have to be set a certain distance from the current market price.

The Take Profit order is a preliminary order to close a CFD trading position at a preset price, which is higher than the current price in the case if you buy an asset and lower if you sell it. The basic idea here is that a trader wants to exit the market with a profit once the asset price reaches a certain level. Since the financial markets are volatile and asset quotes can change the trend direction several times per day, traders prefer to close profitable positions instead of getting out of the market with nothing in the case of unpredicted turnovers. The mechanism of the take profit-order is the same as per the stop-loss order, and the target price must be set a certain distance from the current market quotation.

Not all of the orders are executed by the market price when trading in the financial markets. Postponed orders were designed to open a trading position when the underlying asset reaches a certain price level. For example, you want to buy oil, predicting a strong uptrend in the long-term perspective. However, you consider the current market price as overbought and you expect a retracement. So placing a buy-limit order for $5 per barrel lower than the current market quote will give you a chance to buy oil at a more reasonable and attractive price.

Cryptocurrencies trading or crypto trading is a simple exchange of cryptocurrencies. With the same conditions as in the Foreign Exchange market, traders and investors can buy or sell one cryptocurrency versus another. THat’s one of the ways to get into the world of crypto without owning or mining cryptocurrencies.

Trading physical shares is a process of trading stocks that you actually own. Please note that CFD trading offers a much wider range of options to profit from the stock market trading compared to physical trading. The key advantage is that you get access to trade a wide range of underlying assets without owning them. Thus, you have a better choice and profit opportunities with a comparatively small investment.

The ‘Trading’ page contains all of the information about different assets, margin requirements, and lot sizes. You need to enter the desired volume, click the button ‘info’ right next to the asset description, and get the necessary order volume in the currency of your trading account.

Usually, the global financial market is open 24 hours from Monday to Friday, except holidays in a particular country.

In the summertime, trading in the market is open at 9:00 PM GMT on Sunday till 9:00 PM on Friday. In the wintertime, trading in the market is open at 10:00 PM GMT on Sunday till 10:00 PM on Friday. Some assets are open to trade at a certain time during the day. That is related to the particular exchange where the asset is traded. Currency pairs are open to trade 24 hours though. To check out active trading hours for every asset, click the ‘Info’ button near the asset name in the platform.

We get our quotes from the liquidity provider.

The minimum lot size is 0.01 Standard Lot in our trading platform.

The swap is a type of commission that a brokerage company gets for rolling the trading position from one trading day to another. Sometimes it happens that the daily (or weekly) close price of an asset can differ from the open price for the next day. So the broker has to compensate for its possible losses. However, the swap commission can be even positive for traders if the price of the underlying asset jumps in the right direction.

Swaps might differ from one asset to another, so you can check out the ‘Info’ tab to know more about swaps for particular assets.

Here at MarketSXP, we give our clients access to the largest educational center in the industry, powerful trading and analysis instruments, and real time quotes. On top of that, you can find video lessons in our Video Academy, designed for both beginners and experienced traders.

To add an asset to the watchlist, you need to click the star close to the asset name on the ‘Trading’ page. After that, the asset will appear in the watchlist, which you can find in the filters of the ‘Trading’ page.

You may check your account balance on the bottom side of the trading platform.

A Lot is a standard number of units per one single position representing the trading volume of your CFDs. The standard lot size for the currency pairs in the foreign exchange market is 100 000 in the underlying currency. TO see volumes of standard lots for other types of assets in the MarketSXP trading platform, click here.